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Schon Custom Cue Collections Summary
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Schon Cues - Top of the Line by any measure!

Schön's Quality is Legendary

Schön's Cues are without a doubt one of the finest made cues in the world. It is said the "secret" is in the perfect balance achieved only through proprietary cuemaking skills known only to Evan Clark and his talented craftsmen.  Schön's smooth hit accompanied by great action and accuracy are unmatched by their counterparts.   Both their classic and innovative designs set them apart from the crowded also rans.  And at Hawley's BilliardStore, you will appreciate all the benefits of our extensive  Schön selection, discount pricing and great service and guarantees.   

The Schön Custom Cue Collections

You will have your choice from seven (7) Schön cue collections. Though each collection  becomes progressively rarer, they are all made with the same superior quality craftsmanship that all Schon owners experience each time they play.   Beginning with the timeless and beautiful designs of the STL Models, and finishing with the one-of-a-kind models found in the Schon Unique series, here are their unique qualities:

  1. STL    STL's are a collection of 20 cues which are the classic favorites from 21
                  years of cue making.

    CX:  The CX collection is made up of an exclusive line of Schöns, which are
             sold, serviced and marketed by a world class billiard distribution  company.

  3. LTD: LTD cues are special editions made in small lots of 12 cues or less,
                   one time only.

    Special Cues:        Special cues which are not made on a regular basis.  There is no set number; and no naming system. The edition could be 1 or 2 cues or 30 cues.


  4. SP cues :  SP or Special edition cues made in small editions but not limited from future repetition.

  5. Elite:     Schön Elite are cues which are made in an edition of no more than
               7 cues, one time only. and 

    Unique: Schön Unique's are as the name implies, one-of-a-kind cues, with distinctive designs which will never be duplicated by Schon Cues

Specifications and Options

Schön Cues are a standard 58" cue. Weights range from 19 oz. to about 21 oz. and extra lengths may be obtained by use of a longer shaft. The cue butts are built on a special hybrid core of laminated woods. All materials are of high integrity -- white inlays are elephant ivory, black inlays are ebony wood, etc. Schön utilizes a Phenolic lined stainless steel joint and stainless steel pin. Butt plates are high impact delrin. The joint is piloted and mates with a phenolic cushioned brass insert on the shaft with a 5/16-14 joint screw (see pictures below).

Schön shafts are interchangeable. In most instances, a new shaft will screw on to your cue without problems, however screw threads have idiosyncrasies and a fairly snug fit is preferred. Some tweaking may be required. The shafts are interchangeable BECAUSE Schon can match them to the cue at the very end of the process. This allows them to produce a uniform hit!! AND, "Schon hits" with every cue.

Shafts are available in diameter from11.5mm to 14mm and in length from 18" to 32". We offer our standard Schön ferrules or elephant ivory ferrules for an additional $100.00. Tips are proprietary Schön tips. Special tapers are available on request. Extra shafts are available in almost all specs. They are essentially interchangeable, but if you would like the best result or would like to match your existing shaft for hit, you should send the cue to us.

Schon Pool Cue Shaft Collar

Regularly $205 but only $164.00 at Hawley's.

Order Extra Schon Shaft  here  or  Call 214-632-9060

Delrin Joint Protectors

 Extra Schon Shaft with Ivory Ferrule

Schon Custom Pool Cue Delrin Joint Protectors Schon Custom Pool Cue Ferrule Options




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