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Predator Custom Pool Cues
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214-632-9060 For Personal Service

Since Since 1994, Predator has consistently turned out technologically superior cues that boast improved feedback, stability, accuracy and longevity. Each cue's precision and solid feel are the result of Predator's C4TM technology while the exotic wood designs give exceptional beauty to this killer on the table. Maybe that's why many of the top nation's ranked pros use Predator shafts to play their best games.

One of the many keys to having consistent billiard success is selecting the right pool cue for your game. It is imperative that players have confidence in their cue, and that the cue fits their specific needs.

Hawley’s Billiards has helped multitudes of players select the perfect pool cue for their game. Not only do we offer an extensive selection of cues from the most reputable companies in the industry; we also offer custom pool cues for sale, ensuring our clients can own a cue tailored to their needs.

One of the most popular brands that we carry is Predator. Predator billiard cues are renowned for utilizing innovative technologies that help players make more accurate shots. We have a variety of predator pool cues for sale, and have cues available that can fit any budget and skill level. Best of all, we can customize a Predator cue for you, ensuring that you will feel comfortable and confident while shooting pool.

If you have any questions about our business, or would like help selecting a pool cue, please contact us. Our dedicated staff is comprised of serious pool players who have extensive product knowledge, and will be able to guide you in the right direction. Additionally, we offer a 30 day, no questions asked return policy, where you will receive a full refund. So please shop with confidence, and take advantage of our expertise!

Panthera 2-1 custom pool cue stick
Jacoby Panthera 2-1   $1975

Panthera 2-2 pool cue stick
Jacoby Panthera 2-2   $1975

Introducing Panthera2-1 and Panthera 2-2, the long awaited sequel to the majestic Panthera special editions. Meticulously inlayed with exotic materials and paired with Predator’s world renowned low-deflection shafts, these cues are an extraordinary sight to behold.
  • 100 individually signed and numbered
  • More than 30 Silver accent inlays
  • Highly Figured Tiger Stripe Maple
  • Rich Buckeye Burl
  • Warm Micarta
Performance is stepping up when the stakes are at their highest. It's trusting your equipment when you are competing under pressure. Enhancing your performance is what inspires Predator Group, drives their research, and defines their mission.
PredatorThrone 1 Billiards Pool Cuestick PredatorThrone 2 Billiards Pool Cuestick PredatorThrone 3 Billiards Pool Cuestick PredatorThrone  4 Billiards Pool Cuestick PredatorThrone  5 Billiards Pool Cuestick

Predator has led the billiard industry's technological evolution since its inception in 1994. Our commitment to innovation created a legacy of high performance, supported by scientific discovery and proven results. Greater accuracy, more consistency -- so you spend more time running out.

Predator Custom Pool Cue Blak 3-1 Predator Custom Pool Cue Blak 3-2 Predator Custom Pool Cue Blak 3-3 Predator Custom Pool Cue Blak 3-4 Predator Custom Pool Cue Blak 3-5
Throne 1 Throne 2 Throne 3 Throne 4 Throne 5 Blak 3_1 Blak 3_2 Blak 3_3 Blak 3_4 Blak 3_5
$854.10 $989.10 $1169.10 $1259.10 $1349.10 $953.10 $1,043.10 $1,159.10 $1259.10 $1403.10

Introducing the NEW BK III Break cue from Predator

Predator BK3NW custom Break cue


Predator BK3LW Custom Break Cue


Predator 2nd Generation Ikon 1 Billiards Pool Cuestick Predator 2nd Generation Ikon 2 Billiards Pool Cuestick Predator 2nd Generation Ikon 3 Billiards Pool Cuestick Predator 2nd Generation Ikon 6 Billiards Pool Cuestick

The Ikon 2 Series of Predator cues has been discontinued, however, some still remain in inventory, so get these, now collectible, cues before they are gone forever.

Predator 2nd Generation Ikon 7 Billiards Pool Cuestick Predator 2nd Generation Ikon 8 Billiards Pool Cuestick Predator 2nd Generation Ikon 9 Billiards Pool Cuestick Predator Sneaky Pete Custom Pool Cue SP6GL Predator Sneaky Pete Custom Pool Cue SP6OL Predator Sneaky Pete Custom Pool Cue SP6GN Predator Sneaky Pete Custom Pool Cue SP6ON
2ndGen IKON  1 2ndGen IKON  2 2ndGen IKON  3 2ndGen IKON  6 2ndGen IKON  7 2ndGen IKON  8 2ndGen IKON  9 SP6GL SP6OL SP6GN SP6ON
$552 $595 $680 $935 $1,020 $1,147 $1,275 $431.10 $431.10 $476.10 $476.10

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